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The Graphite Machine Center keeps strong rigidity, symmetrical structure, and good stability on the basis of Bridge Gantry Structure. Lightweight design on the moving parts, makes the machine have dynamic response. Keep the machine moving parts away from the working area, which would fit very well for graphite machining.


TRAVEL XYZ Axis Guiderails type High Rigidity Roller type Linear Guiderails
X/Y/Z Axis mm 700/600/350
Distance from Spindle nose to Worktable mm 150-500 (Appr.)
Distance between Columns mm 960 (Appr.)
TABLE Worktable (LxW) mm 700X600
Max.Loading on Worktable kg 350
SPINDLE RPM Spindle Speed rpm 30000
TYPE Spindle Taper BT30
FEED RATE G00 Rapid Feedrate(X/Y/Z Axis) mm/min 15000/15000/10000
G01 Cutting Feedrate mm/min 1 – 8000
PRECISION Positioning Accuracy/ Re-Positioning Accuracy mm 0.01/0.008
OTHERS Machine Weight kg 5000 (Appr.)


  • Spindle adopts High Speed Built-in Type Spindle,Max. 30000rpm,which can provide a better solution for high precision machining and high surface quality machining.

  • Standard with 14T Umbrella type ATC/Tool Magazine, perfect to improve the efficiency of Processing preparation.

  • 3 Axis Roller type Guiderails with high precision and low friction coefficient, which can reduce the Machine creeping phenomenon at low speed, good positioning accuracy and high dynamic response characteristics.

  • Lightweight design for moving parts to achieve better dynamic response and contour machining accuracy.