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High Speed CNC Milling Machine


TRAVEL X/Y/Z Axis mm 1300/1100/600 1600/1300/580 1700/1300/700
Distance from Spindle nose to mm 150-750 (Appr.) 240-820 (Appr.) 250-950 (Appr.)
Distance between Columns mm 1200 (Appr.) 1380 (Appr.) 1380 (Appr.)
TABLE Worktable (LxW) mm 1300X1100 1600X1200 1700X1200
Max.Loading on Worktable kg 2000 2000 3000
SPINDLE RPM Spindle Speed rpm 15000/20000 15000/20000 15000/20000
TYPE Spindle Taper HSK-A63 HSK-A63 HSK-A63
FEED RATE G00 Rapid Feedrate(X/Y/Z Axis) mm/min 15000/15000/10000 15000/15000/10000 15000/15000/10000
G01 Cutting Feedrate mm/min 1–7500 1–7500 1–7500
PRECISION Positioning Accuracy/ Re-Positioning Accuracy mm 0.01/0.008 0.01/0.008 0.01/0.008
OTHERS Machine Weight kg (Appr.) 10500 11000 16000


  • Ball Screw & Linear Guiderails
    3 Axis ball screw and linear guide rail are equipped with central automatic lubrication device.
    3 Axis adopt precision ball screw.
    3 Axis designed with 4~6 pcs sliding blocks to ensure the movement accuracy and stability of the machine ,extend the service life of the machine.
    3 Axis Adopt roller linear guide rail, which ensures the movement precision of machine and makes the machine play a higher rigidity.
  • High rigidity structure design
    The main parts such as Machine bed, beam and the columns are made of high-grade MEEHANITE cast iron. And after several aging treatment, effectively eliminate the internal stress, to ensure that the machine has a better accuracy.
    The arrangement of stepped linear guide rail for the beam (the top surface of the beam and the front of the beam), combined with the design of the super-wide saddle, ensures the processing effect of the spindle with high precision and high stability.
  • Special Spindle Box Design
    The special head design makes the z-axis movement more stable.The lightweight design makes it move more quickly horizontally and vertically to achieve the purpose of rapid response.
  • Better user experience
    Some machine can choose the full enclosed sheet metal, to provide users with a safer, environmentally friendly environment.
    The semi-rotating operation box and others humanized designs provide users with convenient and safe operation experience.