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Maintenance of pneumatic oil mist system by CNC lathe manufacturers


In the system, the oil mist system is a place of importance. Since the oil mist poses a great threat to our body, we need to take it seriously, do a good job of daily protection and maintenance, and try to prevent the danger from forming a threat to our body, and hope to continue Innovative development to deal with this problem fundamentally. It is not a day or two to completely solve the problem, so the first thing is to start with the maintenance of the pneumatic oil mist system by the daily CNC lathe manufacturer.

1. Choose a suitable filter to remove impurities and moisture in the compressed air.

2. Check the oil supply of the lubricator in the system to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of smooth oil in the air to smooth the pneumatic components. CNC lathe manufacturers avoid rust, abrasion and air leakage and malfunction of the components.

3. Adhere to the air tightness of the pneumatic system and check replacement seals regularly.

4. Pay attention to adjusting the working pressure.

5. Regularly check the cleaning or replacement of pneumatic components and filter elements by CNC lathe manufacturers.